• Do we provide product support ?

    Yes! We provide general support for all services for free. For more advanced support requests such as restoring a backup etc a small service charge will be billed to your account but you will be quoted beforehand and requested to accept before the advanced support commences.

  • Where is our managed hosting servers located?

    The managed hosting servers are located in the Republic of Ireland.

  • Who do I need to contact to get support ?

    You can use our support ticking system to request support. If your enquiring about purchasing a new service we recommend using the Sales department. If you require Technical Support open a Technical Support ticket (You must be logged in to access this department.) For anything else please open a support ticket with the General Support department.

    Open Support Ticket
  • Which currencies do you accept and how can I pay ?

    We accept Euro €, Great British Pounds £ and the United States Dollar $.

  • I forgot my password, How do I reset my password?

    No problem. You just need to go to our Client Portal and click on the login part. On the login page click on reset password and the reset password email will be sent to your email which will help you regain access. If you still are having trouble then please open a General Support ticket.

    Client Portal
  • I ordered hosting, What type of website can I build?

    You can build whatever website you want, for example:-
    - A simple website to promote your business or profession.
    - A portfolio Website to promote your products or services.
    - An information website for your club or charity.
    - An eCommerce website to sell your products online.
    Read our terms and conditions for a full view of what we deem acceptable under our service agreement.

    Terms and Conditions
  • I purchased a hosting package, How do I turn it on?

    We look after all the difficult stuff. As soon as payment is received we will generate a hosting account for you and you will get access to start building and managing your website. This can usually take between 10 minutes and 1 hour to complete on receipt of payment.

  • I want to cancel my subscription. What do I do?

    You can cancel your subscription in your client account. We don't offer refunds on hosting when a full month has completed. We do offer you a 30-day change of mind from the start of your subscription where you will be refunded. In the instance that the 30-day change of mind period has passed we don't refund the previous month. For your current month, we offer credit in return for unused days.

    Example 1:
    John Doe opened an account and subscribed to a hosting package. John has been using the service for 31 days. John has a change of mind about building a website but he has already paid for the first month and the second month of the service. John cancels his subscription and opens a sales support ticket to ask for his money back. Unfortunately, the 30 days have passed so we can't offer John a refund for the previous month but we do instead ensure his subscription is fully cancelled and since john has already paid for his second month we can add credit to Johns account for the remaining days in that month. In this scenario, John is paying €30 for this month since he has used 1 day of the new month then Mac Uaid Enterprises will place €29 credit on his account allowing him to opt into a different service.

  • Can I Upgrade / Downgrade my package?

    Yes, at any time you can upgrade to the next package. So if you decide you want to change your website into an online shop you can upgrade to our E-commerce package, or begin with the Starter package and upgrade as your business grows.


  • What operating system is used on the Managed Hosting?

    Linux is the operating system powering the managed hosting. Each website is run using a

  • How often can I update my website?

    You can make amendments anytime by logging into your account. You can make amendments from your PC or Tablet anytime and as often as you want.

  • Can I upload my own images?

    You can choose to upload your own images provided you have permission to use them.

  • Can I have my own email accounts?

    Every hosting package comes with email accounts, so you can choose whatever email addresses you like.

  • Can I choose my own Domain Name?

    Yes you can, you get to choose either a .ie, .com, .eu,, .net, .info, .org, .biz domain name provided it is available.
    TIP: If you’re an Irish business we would always recommend a .ie domain name, it tells everyone you’re a legitimate business.

  • Do I need any technical skills?

    No, you don’t. The tools provided are designed for anyone to use, all you need is some ideas and artistic flair. WordPress is easily installed on the hosting account and we have a guide on our Knowledgebase on how to achieve that. Visit the client portal to view the knowledgebase.

  • Can I add Google AdSense to my site?

    Yes, you can. Google AdSense matches advertisements to your site's content and audience and depending on the type of ad, you can earn money from clicks or impressions.

    You can place AdSense on your page by using the Google AdSense Widget:

    1. Go to Widgets > Ecommerce and drop the Google AdSense Widget onto your page.
    2. A dialogue box will open, click on the link in the dialogue box to sign up for an AdSense account (if you don't already have one).
    3. Once you've registered your account and customized your ad, copy the advertising code provided by Google.
    4. Paste the code back in the dialogue box on your Yola site and click "OK."

    Don't forget to republish your site by clicking on the "Publish" button.

  • Can people sign up for memberships on my site?

    Yes, If you are using WordPress you can add a membership area.

  • Can I use WordPress?

    Absolutely! We have a script installer built-in and all you need to do is name your site and choose a location to store it and then install. Then you can build a WordPress site.

    How To Install WordPress
  • What is used to manage the hosting subscription?

    cPanel is installed on your service. This gives you a wide variety of tools to help you manage your online presence.


Request support


Open a support ticket for General / Sales or Technical support.

Open Support Ticket
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