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Should E-Commerce websites have a blog? You may own an online business or the traditional business with a concrete structure. Not surprisingly both share a common goal, that goal is to generate revenue.
Engaging with potential customers, displaying industry knowledge, Creating a podium to make special announcements, Building customer loyalty and increasing the chance of going "Viral" sounds good! Right?
Let's have a look at why you should have a blog on your E-Commerce/Website.

Engaging With Your Customers

Engaging with your customers is key when securing that hard-earned sale. When operating a brick and mortar shop one would constantly engage with their clients. Yet when we build our digital store we suddenly forget that engaging with your customers is extremely important. Creating a blog with meaningful content can help convert that potential customer to a real customer and it also will give your customers more reasons to return to your store! Let's explore how you can utilize a blog as a method of captivating and engaging your customers on an ongoing basis.
Tell A Story - (How your business came to be, Inspiring stories a client has shared, Any inspirational stories relevant to your industry, Client Success Stories).
Post Photos & Videos - Logically if your an E-Commerce site you most certainly have got images of your products which you are selling. So use your blog as an additional place which you can use to stimulate the minds of your customers and captivate them further to guarantee the sale. Maybe you could post an assembly video if you are selling DIY products, or if your selling clothing, post a video of you showing your new products. This will demonstrate to the consumers that you have pride in what you sell and know how to make it work!

Displaying Industry Knowledge

Some E-Commerce websites use their blog as a platform to market themselves as an industry expert.
Use your blog to post tips & tricks that your target audience may be searching for, Latest industry news or even tutorials. This provides rich valuable content which your consumers will love and will potentially make them want to return to your store.

Making Special Announcements

Sending text messages emails and having a dedicated space on your website to make announcements is important for marketing. So your new blog will act as a hub of valuable information about the new announcements. This will provide a place where your customers can learn your latest updates and news.
The new updates and news could be anything from Frequently Asked Questions, Seasonal Promotions, New Products or anything new that's happening with your company.

Building Loyalty

It goes without saying that building loyalty is vital to success. You may have the best team providing the best services or selling the best products in the world, but if you have not built any loyalty with your customers then you will not have returning consumers. They both go hand in hand.
Having a blog alone won't guarantee brand loyalty but it is a vital foundation of a successful business.
Finding the correct amount of professionalism, fun, informative and relevant content for your blog can be challenging. But when it is done correctly then that will help to forge a loyalty.

Go Viral!

Your blog post should have some form of a button which allows your customer to quickly and easily share your blog to their social media friends. No matter what form of blog you may have created for your business you must include this simple function so that it has the potential of "Going viral".
Millions of shares won't come over night but you can gradually build your content and keep targeting your audience which can help it reach that level.

Free Marketing!!!

Okay, it may cost you your time but otherwise blogging is free! This is fantastic because if you have a small marketing budget then your blog becomes an effective form of marketing for free. You can pay to promote your blog post( Which will cost you) but over time you will start to increase your organic traffic.


In conclusion having a blog on your E-Commerce website certainly won't scare your customers away. You're more likely to boost your loyal consumers who will return not only to purchase your services/products but to read your rich content which you have spent a number of hours creating. As long as you provide content which is relevant, fun and professional it will serve your website well and help build your organic traffic. Blogging is free utilize it!