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Reasons to use Google Analytics: Google Analytics is an extremely powerful internet tool which allows anyone with a google account to monitor their Website, YouTube channel blog & More. One would think that such a tool would be too expensive for the average SME to utilize. Google astonishes us again by making Google Analytics free of charge!
When the tool is utilized properly this provides a detailed overview of the website its performance, number of users, page views, demographics, conversion rate, bounce rate, the technology used etc..
Whether you are an E-Commerce website or an information blogger, you would definitely want an in-depth knowledge of the behaviour of your visitors to optimize your website and deliver better results.


By now you definitely know that Google Analytics is FREE. If you don't use this free tool which helps your online business grow then you risk being left behind.

Data is Visualized & Collected.

Gone are the days of running complex scripts or reading from a manual to understand how to run a program on a computer. Google Analytics collects, compiles and visualizes the data for you. In order for you to get this valuable data, you need to simply copy a piece of code which Google provides and paste it to the header of your website. Google will then automatically find your website and monitor it.

Know your Demographic.

As mentioned above Google Analytics will have valuable data about your website's audience. From exploring your data further you will learn that certain channels/Links perform better when driving traffic to your website and others don't. The other useful information which can be provided about your audience is the Age, Devices used, Location, Gender and their interests.
This data can then be used when you're updating your stock/ website and keep your audience in mind or you risk losing them.
Age: This is the best indicator of how your audience spends most of their time. Once you know the average age of your audience you can start to structure your website/blog accordingly.
Gender: Gender demonstrates how they communicate and engage with content online.
Interests: With the Interests of the audience this allows you to optimize and redesign your website based on the interests of the audience.
Device: Google Analytics displays what type of device is used to view your website/blog which allows you to build a more responsive website for that audience.
Location: Knowing the location of your audience allows you to create a marketing strategy for the physical location of the audience.

Social Platforms

The use of Social Platforms is vital in directing your traffic from a social platform to your tailor-made website (Which we can make for you). By looking at the analysis of the social platforms you can then solely focus on the best performing platform which brings the most potential customers to your website.
Social Platforms will help you boost your business and get more engagement with your business which in turn will possibly convert a visitor to a client.

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