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Alex Mac Uaid, the business founder of MUE, studied computer science and software development. While in his last year of university he found a love for building a business which aimed to enable other entrepreneurs to get online and help them build their legacy. We began working with an Irish government agency which aims to promote the Irish language. This involved the production of a feature film project and building them a new website which would host that feature film and enable each staff member to be contacted. The website was called GLC.ie ("Gaeilge Le Cheile"). After that, we built our first E-Store for one of our private clients, called S&L Clothing.



We increased our total projects and ran advertisement campaigns

During the year of 2019, this was our second year in operation. We began by running a large advertising campaign in Dublin, Ireland. This included social media advertising, Delivering leaflets to all businesses in the City and releasing a promotional video. This assisted greatly with increasing the number of clients and projects that we had planned.



We are bigger

In May 2020 Mac Uaid Enterprises began to expand existing services and introduced the "Client Portal" to its services, which enables existing and new clients to access their subscribed services and allow them to control every aspect of their service. Our new services now include hosting on Irish servers, maintenance packages among many other subscription-based services.


Charity & Partnerships

We are committing to our charitable goal

In June of 2020 Mac Uaid Enterprises commenced working on a charitable goal and partnership which will ensure we commit to our goal of helping a charity every year.


New Website

We launched our new website!

In July of 2020 Mac Uaid Enterprises launched the new and improved highly interactive website. We constantly update this site to give you the best services, content and information to assist you in building your legacy with our services!


Charity Partnership

NiteLine.ie is our Charity Partner for this year!

In September 2020 we launched the new and improved NiteLine.ie website and chat service. NiteLine is Mac Uaid Enterprises Charity Partner of the year and we will continue to support them with Hosting, website upgrades and IT Support in relation to these services for the remainder of our partnership.

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