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Effective Social Media Marketing. Social media is a vital marketing tool for any type of business which desires to succeed.
In just ten years the question which was being asked changed from "Why should we use it?" to "How can we grow using social media?"
That in itself displays how powerful social media has become! Why should a business need to spend thousands on one billboard on the side of a building in the middle of the city when they can spend €1.00 and potentially reach 1 -300 people on their personal devices. Traditional marketing has got its benefits but you can now select exactly what your demographics may be and specifically reach them. That is more bang for your buck! Sounds great! But if you jump into marketing without a clear strategy then you risk wasting a lot of money with little or no return on investment.

Current Social Media Presence

Before looking into the near future you need to analyse where you are currently. Write down some key elements about what your business is currently doing on social media.
What social media platforms you are currently active on?
How does your profile compare with your competitors?
Which social media platform currently rewards with the most value?
Are your social media profiles optimized (Up-to-date images, videos, bio, posts etc.)

Who Is Your Ideal Customer?

You need to be as specific as possible with this section if you want it to work. Let's look at an example:
Imagine you are selling clothes and you have decided that your target audience is ladies, that is ok and you may have some success but its not specific. Instead, you should identify in this case your ideal customer is a lady aged 18 - 40, earns over €29,000.00, Lives in Dublin, Ireland, Primarily uses Instagram and has an interest in Movies. Then you have narrowed down your target audience and focused on the most important to your business which can mean much more success.
Answer the questions below to help you focus your scope on your target audience.
What age is your ideal customer?
What Job title might they have?
Where are they from?
What is their ideal income?
What is your business solving for them?
What social media platform do they use the most?

Social Media Mission Statement

Creating a Mission Statement for your business will always be effective. This theory needs to be put into practice with social media marketing. Before writing a mission statement put some thought into it because once you create your mission statement your social media presence will be dictated by this statement. When creating the statement you must keep your ideal customer which we identified above in mind. Highlight why your using social media and make it clear what you will use social media for and how it might reflect your brand identity.

Follow this simple rule: If the content you intend to share/post doesn't directly align with your social media mission statement, forget about it and find something else. If your business posts randomly and non-relevant content then you will fail. The masses will follow the experts, they won't pay much attention to the random post.

Key Success Metrics

Now it is time to determine if your social media marketing strategy is successful? If you are looking at the increase of likes or follows on a profile then sadly I must inform you that you're looking in the wrong spot. You need to look at how much effort you have put in and how much money it is generating for your business!

Some metrics you should look at are:
Conversion Rate
Total Shares
Business mentions
Time spent on the website by a user

Create Rich & Engaging Content

It is recommended that before you jump straight into this section, you have worked on the above sections.

You have made it through the difficult work now it is time to enjoy posting rich content for your customers on social media. Armed with the information you have generated from the above it should now be easy to generate social media posts.

Some Content you could create ( Keep in mind that too many content ideas exist and we will only be exploring a small number of them):
Company News
&Much more

The list expands much further. Remember to focus on content which aligns with your mission statement.
Creating a Content Calendar and reminder is a good exercise to allocate time to post content.

Analyze and Optimize

This is clearly the most important step. Preforming an analysis on your data gathered from a marketing campaign and making tweaks to optimize the next campaign is crucial to success.
Think of the previous sections as a looped cycle which after you analyze you will then go back and tweak the demographics or content you are posting. This section will take some trial and error and will be ongoing.
This will help you build your business on social media but nothing is in concrete you must always adjust and optimize your campaigns as required.

We wish you and your business the best of luck and if you have any questions which we might be able to assist with then contact us!

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